Saturday, July 11, 2009

The Perfect Pink?

Lowe's Valspar American Traditions paint
Well, it looks like we won't be moving after all. The market has killed the value of our lovely home and I would hate to sell it for way less than what we feel it is worth.
So, darn....
I guess I get to finish decorating it!!
My living room has been white, light sage green and currently yellow.
It started out as natural cedar wood planks.
It took lots of primer to cover the wood. It is a BIG room with HIGH ceilings. I have never been satisfied with any of the paint jobs. It gets lots of natural sun light and just seems to need a deeper paint shade. The trim is all creamy white which I love
I am trying to decide WHICH deep rose color???
Home Depot's Behr paint
Our kitchen is adjoined great room style so the paint colors need to go together. Our counters are old laminate and need to be replaced. I had painted the kitchen pink last fall and loved it....I had thought at the time we were going to put white tile on the counters...we didn't.....the pink looked awful with the laminate so I repainted the kitchen sagey green. It is OK.....not what I really want though...
The kitchen gets the lighter pink shade and possibly that matching laminate chip shown above on the counters!

These are pretty pinks too...The small chip is from Lowe's and the larger chip is Glidden paint from our little local Ace Hardware store. I think I am leaning toward one of the top 2 chips.

This is one of 2 pillow covers I found at TJMaxx. It has just a hint of robin's egg blue which will be my accent color. I have had the HARDEST time finding just the right robin's egg blue. I wanted a nice aged, vintagey shade. I found it in this beautiful chip. "Hidden Spring" by Lowe's Biltmore Estate Collection by Olympic paints.

These are some fabric pieces I have to make pillows, etc...with.

Pink leopard, heehee!

I am going to use this fabric to back some book cases I have in the adjoining family room. I love the paint color in there. It is about the same sagey green as the large circles on the fabric. I do child care in that room and it needs to have more of a whimsical feel to it, but still needs to coordinate with the adjoining great room. The bookcases are currently yellow....I need to pick a new color to paint them too.
The nesting bug has bit me big time!
Stop in next Pink Saturday to see LOTS of pretty pink quilts!
Holly and I are off today to the
Sisters Quilt Show
It is in our own local little town and is one of the biggest in the nation.
Pop over to see Beverly and all the other


Country Wings in Phoenix said...

Lilly Sue, Darlin you are going to be busy. So many decisions. I don't know what to tell you there. I really like the pillowcases with the hint of Robin Egg Blue. TJ Maxx, humm? Maybe I need to check out our TJ Maxx. Those were so precious. Good luck on redecorating. It is always so messy, but in the end so rewarding. Please stop by and say hi. I signed up to follow and I hope you will pop over and do the same. Country Hugs, Sherry

becky said...

Oh I love the pillow covers.I like Tjmaxx they have some nice stuff there.The second rose color I love best.Enjoy the weekend!

Bellamere Cottage said...

HI Lilly Sue!

Whew, that's a BIG project, isn't it? I do love painting makes everything so fresh and crisp....I should be doing lots of that right now too.

I'm sorry your move didn't work out, but, in the end, it all will....God just has a way.

I painted my living room, kitchen and dining room pink last year. It's quite tricky, finding the right pink. We had to paint ours twice....the first one was YUK!


Oh, how I wish I were at the quilt show......

Enchanted Rose Studio said...

Happy Pink Saturday Lily Sue! You've picked out so many pretty colors and fabric. I'm sure what ever you decide on you wil be fabulous!

Enjoy your weekend and good luck with your redecorating!


Nancy said...

Those are all pretty pink colors. I think the outcome will be just fine, from the looks of how you decorate...very cute!


Claudia@DipityRoad said...

Choosing paint is such a challenge.

Its, for me, the most challenging. Paint can be a cameleon with what we surround it with.

I have to ask :) Is there a male in the house hold? I have to admit my love of pink with my family of mostly guys met with strong objection when i wanted to accent with pinks. You must have a "keeper".

TTFN~~claudia ♥

blushing rose said...

Lilly ~ Benjamin Moore paints ... pop over to them. They have wonderful coordinates. Top paints is choice #2. Love your direction in painting & decorating. Dying to see where you do go with all this ... it will be WONDERFUL for sure, you'll be pleased. TTFN ~Marydon
POP over for a visit.

Claudia said...

Love the pillow covers and that Robins Egg Blue - You are going to be busy, LillySue! None of the homes around here are selling - some have been on the market for over a year! Happy Pink Saturday!

Lisa said...

Oh i love all the colors! I was thinking of painting but that is a big decision! Good Luck! Your fabrics are just great too!
Have you any more HP premiere costume ideas?
Happy Pink Saturday!
Hugs, Lisa

graciegirl said...

You have a big job ahead of you.I love pink so any one of those would do...

The first house I ever bought I painted the kitchen a rosie pink and peanut butter color it was pretty.
Know that I am married for 5years now, we still haven't painted:(

Love your house,my kinda home.
I hope your dream of a new one comes to pass one day.

Beansieleigh said...

"Hey" LillySue! Redecorating can be so-ooo much fun!.. and you have such a beautiful home to begin with! I have a pink living room as it is, but definitely needs to be freshened up with, I think a brighter shade of pink than the very pale shade I have now. My kitchen needs a paint job MUCH more, but I just don't have the ambition to move everything, then have to eat out every night till it's done! We'll see if I can get the living room done before the summer is over, while the weather is nice and I can still have that nice ventilation needed for the job! Happy Pink Saturday, and hope you're enjoying your weekend!

Lee Laurie said...

Lilly, I think that we are so much alike! I'm in the middle of picking out paint colors too and it boggles my brain sometimes! I have to just put up the paint samples and go back to them later. I've even got my 8 year old son into painting! Everytime we go to Lowe's, he runs to the paint and studies the samples and picks a few of his favorites! He loves doing that. His room was the first one that I did whenever I bought the cottage. (Blue)
I love all of the colors that you picked out and I love the way that you decorate. It has such a fun feeling! I went back and loked at your living room and I love it! I love the yellow! So bright and cheery! Whatever you do though will be beautiful! Have fun!
Lee Laurie

Unknown said...

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