Thursday, July 2, 2009

Junk Between us Girls

This past Saturday, Holly and I went to the
"Junk Between us Girls"

It was a local show, just 25 minutes away in
Redmond, Oregon.
I got to meet some blogging sisters there!
This is (L to R)
This is a shot from inside their booth. They are partners and together they are called:
They are two of the nicest Gals you could meet!
They are doing several more shows this season.
Check out "Kindred Roses" to see when and where.

This is the bigger barn at
"Cricket Song Farm"
Owned by Peggy Stacy in Redmond, Oregon.
We also met Lisa Goad, the other JBUG Gal. She was very sweet,
we told her she needed to get on the blogwagon!

Inside the barn

Click on any photos to make them BIG

Another building full of treasures!

There were more booths set up outside.
The weather was perfect!
They are having another JBUGS show in October.

Holly and I will be opening our Etsy shop this weekend for
Make sure you stop back by for the
Grand Opening of

A Peace of Bliss


Kindred Spirit Soap Co. said...

Wow, you got some great pics!!! It was great to meet you and your daughter. Hope to see you soon!!!
Julie & Christa

Nancy said...

Love the photos...looks like a really fun time! I like many of the neat things for sale. Glad you shared!


considerthelillies said...

man, I wish I lived in Oregon!

blushing rose said...

That's my kind of fun ... glad you had a great time. TTFN ~ Marydon

Persuaded said...

Oh my gracious.. that looks like so much fun! I loved looking at all of the goodies☺

ooglebloops said...

Looks like fun!! I love the name of your etsy shop- will stop in and check after I get back from the Saturday Market!!
BTW, my mom said she and my dad used to go to Sisters every year, when they were RV-ing.They love the town! There was a great little ice cream shop in town that they always had to stop at- don't know if it still exists - their last trip out there was about 10-12 years ago.

Holly said...

Hi there. Lilysue!

Oh my! I'm just living to go to a show like that! Thanks for the pics! My problem is that I don't like to leave these hills... I'm just too country! I did find a local shop today though! She had an add on the side of her van which tipped me off to find her shop!

Can't wait to see your Etsy! ♥

Sheila R said...

Looks like you had a wonderful time! Go luck with your store opening!

Lisa said...

OH yeah!!! A new etsy shop!! I love it! I feel left out here in NC so far from all the great places you guys have in the NW!! Congrats!! I will stop by bright and early!!
Hugs, Lisa

Anne Marie said...

AWESOME! barn sale!!!

C Maisy said...

That looks soooo fun.
Make sure you put a link up on the blog so I can do some shopping!
Good luck....I will be thinking about you!!!

blushing rose said...

I apologize, I always indicate when a story is 'told to us' so that not to mislead you ladies out there ... this was a story told to us, not by me, altho I/we would have done the same. I added my note to indicate this, I don't know why I failed to do this today, forgive me. Have a beautiful 4th. TTFN ~Marydon

Lynn said...

Scenes like this make my heart go pitty pat! My brother lives in Redmond. Next time I visit, I'm going junking!!
I am waiting for my sis to arrive from Folsom and we are headed out toward Whiskeytown! Good junking!

junkrescuerbeth said...

This looks like it was a really fun show. What a perfect setting. Thanks for visiting our blog as well.
Beth of Salvage Studio

~~Carol~~ said...

Looks like it was a great show, and you had alot of fun! I wish a show like that would come my way!
Happy 4th!

Bellamere Cottage said...

Oh LillySue!

Thanks so much for sharing that wonderful sale.......I love Redmond...Isn't it a lovely place?


sparkled*life said...

Wow this looks like it was a great time!!! I always love shopping with girlfriends! Their is nothing like a little retail therapy!