Monday, July 27, 2009

We are off to Faerieworlds!!

These photos are from last years event
Faerieworlds 2008
Held in beautiful Eugene, Oregon.
This is Jesse, Holly and her best friend, Miss H. along with one of our
MOST FAVORITE artists, Brian Froud!!
He was the artist who did the characters in the movie
Which starred David Bowie and Jennifer Connelly.
He also has many wonderful fantasy art books out about faeries, goblins, etc.. He did the very amusing "Lady Cottington's" smashed faerie books.
He signed Holly's book and even drew her a little picture which is one of her most beloved things!
Me and my girlie....We had messed with our hair color using bleach
and misc. temperary color etc....
We will NOT be doing that this year!!

Eating on cushions, on the floor in the dining tent

More food...Jesse is 14 and has to eat every 20 minutes to keep up his strength!

Click here to learn more about the

2009 Faerieworlds event in Eugene, Oregon

Another shot of Brian Froud with the kids.
We are so excited because we signed up
to take an all day faerie sculpting class
from Brian, his wife Wendy and their son, Toby.
Toby was actually the baby "Toby" in the
"Labyrinth" movie!!
Wendy is also an artist, a fact we were not really aware of last year when we met Brian and saw Wendy there. She is a totally amazing artist and was a major creator of the "Star War's" character, Yoda!!
The class is for only 15 people and Holly, Miss H and I are 3 of them!
Learn more about the class by clicking here~

Jesse makes a good elf, don't you think??

Click here to visit the "Faerieworlds" blog

This is Toby Froud.
As you can imagine, he is an artist too.
He also has many major achievements to his name.
You can see LOTS more about the Frouds here at their
website~ "World of Froud"
His costume here is a faun. It looks so cool in person.
The Frouds make their home in Devon, England.

If you can make it to Eugene, Oregon this coming weekend, July 31st. ~ August 2nd, It is just a great time in a very artsy, creative environment.
Lots of music, food, booths, dancing, workshops etc...
It is worth going just to see all the costumes folks come up with!!
I will take LOTS of pictures and will share this years event with you next week
I will do my Pink Saturday post ahead so it will be on schedule.
We are so ready for a getaway....See ya next week!!


Lisa said...

Oh what fun!! Enjoy!
Hugs, Lisa

Joyce said...

Looks like fun and eating every 20 mins. is sure a growing spurt:)

Kindred Spirit Soap Co. said...

Hello, my niece Emily has attended this event before. Sounds very fun!!! Have a great time.
Blessings Julie, Kindred Roses

Florence said...

How fun will that be wow!!!!!

Amy'svintagecottage said...

You and your daughter look soo beautiful1 What a fun thing!

LissyLou said...

That looks such a great place - i love fairies x

JLB said...

It sounds like you'll be having a lot of your own summer fun! That looks so neat, I wish we could come see! Have a great time!

Coleen said...

oh what fun!! take lots of pictures..... I cannot wait to see what you create!.......stay cool, my friend!

Heart Hugs,

koralee said...

now that looked like fun! Enjoy your time this year....

Anonymous said...

How exciting I have never heard of this before? It looks like a lot of fun. I do remember the movie when my daughter was in her pre teens she loved it & we watched it many times. She is almost 29 that's been a long time ago!

Enjoyed the read,


krys kirkpatrick said...

looks like a total cultural blast!

debi @ life in my studio said...

That sounds like a fun time!

Gracie said...

Hi LillySue
What a bunch of fun.I loved that movie, the Labyrinth...mostly because I adore David Bowie.Your daughter looks like a fairy,very pretty.
I must say there girl, I do like the streaked blond look,(I may be a little partial)your red is very pretty as well.
Come by and let me introduce you to my newest grandson,he was born just last Tuesday.

Persuaded said...

Your children have a naturally elven look about them... a great compliment in case you have any doubt, my dear;)

I cannot wait to see your pics when you come back!

Elyse said...

now that looks like some magical, mythical, family fun!!! adorable!


The Polka Dot Pixie said...

Ooooooh!!!! I'd love to be able to attend such an event!Have a wonderful time! (((((hugs)))))

ooglebloops said...

Meeting the Frouds must have been so cool! Labyrinth was one of my kids favorite movies growing up. My son still has the video and he's a grown up now!!!!!