Friday, December 11, 2009

Pink Saturday : Favorite Christmas Decor

For the past 8 years or so, I have been collecting
vintage Shiny Brite glass balls.
Our Christmas tree has become one of
my most favorite Christmas
decor pieces.
I have focused on more pink and robin's egg blue
and some silver.
The above photo was last years tree...
We decided it was the most beautiful tree
we have ever had.
We get a Forest Service permit and
head up the mountain to hike around
till we find "The One".
That is what we are doing
THIS Saturday, heehe!
This was a couple of years ago.

One of my other favorite things is
Me and Holly's matching
snowflake footie pj's.
I got her a woman's size small
and me a medium.
She was only in the third grade so she had to roll
the waistband up a lot the first few years.
Now we are about the same size
but she still fits in hers.

I actually wear mine pretty often
when it is cold, but she saves hers for
Christmas Eve.
She is so warm blooded they are too warm for
her to sleep in much.
Have a great week and make sure you
pop in to see Beverly for more
Pink Saturday
Christmas Decor!!

Friday, December 4, 2009

Memories of Christmas Past

This week for
We are supposed to share favorite
Christmas Memories
This was my second Christmas.
I was born in the summer so I was only
four months old my first Christmas.
I was still the only grandchild
As you can see by looking at my Mom in the red
I wouldn't be the only grandchild for long!

This is my Grama
(My Mom's Mom)
She passed away about 15 years ago
I still miss her!

By the next Christmas I had
sweet baby sister

We lost our precious Sally to
leukemia in 1970 at age 6
But I know we will be together again
some day!
This is me with Santa.
As you can tell, the jolly old elf
wasn't scary to me!
Stop by
Beverly's How Sweet the Sound
for more
Pink Saturday!

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Twilight = Edward ....Need a Good Love Story??

I have a 16 year old daughter
We have done
Harry Potter
Lord of the Rings
and have loved them all.
She wanted to watch Twilight when it
came out. I said,
"No Way...we do NOT do
Vampires in this house!!"
As a child, I had horrible reoccurring
vampire nightmares and have
wanted anything to do with them.
When New Moon came out,
It looked kind of interesting and my sister
told me it was really a love story.
Now, I am a total sucker for a good
love story.

So we rented Twilight
and we have been to see
New Moon 3 times
and now own Twilight.
This is Edward
He is a 103 year old virgin
(yes...he is a vampire)
He is old fashioned, romantic and chivalrous
I was besotted immediately!

This is him and Bella
His ONLY true LOVE
If you wonder what I was up to
during the Thanksgiving holiday
I was reading all four books
in the Twilight Saga.
The books are even better than
the movies.
If you prefer tall, dark and hunky
then Jacob is the werewolf for you.
If you are a twilight fan,
give a shout out
so I won't feel like I am the only
46 year old with a crush on a 103 year
old vampire that looks 25
Ok...He is supposed to be 17 but the actor
Rob Pattenson is stretching that a little!
Yep, I am a sucker for
a good love story!

Friday, November 13, 2009

Look for Rosie Pink Cheeks!

Welcome to my
Cozy Christmas Cottage!
Grab your cuppa and a slice of Holly's
homemade banana nut bread
and I will give you a peek!
Click on photos to get a better view!!
Here is my freshly painted white hutch.
I have a few of my cheerful Annalee figures here.

Such a happy fellow!
I bought this apothecary jar this year.
I love how it looks full of glass balls!

I prefer Snowmen to Santa
This is one of my favorites!

More Annalee's on my banister.
A kitty at the bottom, two mice and
then another very happy elf!

Gotta have some red mittens

I finished making this finally...
It is a plate rack I bought at Goodwill
which I spray painted red.
Some plain large white letters
I got at Michael's and decoupaged some
of my favorite scrapbook paper on
and some Christmas greens.
I had the blue bird ornament handy
so I tucked him in there!
I hope this helps spread the
Christmas Spirit
around today!
I have actually not been blogging much
the past few weeks. I had a bunch
of projects to finish up and
actually got most of them done,
Now I can work on making
Christmas gifts etc..
Have a wonderful weekend and don't
forget to visit

Saturday, November 7, 2009

My Pink Hat Girl

It all started early....
Actually from the moment of birth.
She arrived in this world and they popped
a sweet little pink jersey hat on her head.
Before long, she had graduated to
Traditional pink hats
in soft baby pink.
Floppy hats in bold magenta...

Hmmmm, Plastic??





Warm and fashionable....

Au natural...



Can you tell we love hats??
Thank you for stopping by......

Saturday, October 31, 2009

Pink Saturday~Work With Me Here...

I apologise...
I know I am stretching it here..
I am ready to put my fall decor away
but I had not posted any photos.
These are my new
Anna Lee fall mice....
Notice their sweet little
One of my daycare littles decided punky
needed a treat. I cracked up when
I found the ice cream cone there like that!
This is actually a cornucopia.

See the pink in Mr. Turkey's tail?
These are vintage candles.
I was so tickled when I found them since
my Grama let me set her Thanksgiving table
with an identical miniature set of these
when I was a little girl.
I hope you all have a wonderful weekend!
Beverly at "How Sweet the Sound"
for lots more
~Happy & Safe All Hallows Eve~

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Must Be Close to Halloween!

Holly would like you to meet

He asked for a cigar but we explained
that this is a non-smoking

He does look cool with a candle burning
inside of him though.....
It makes his face

Happy carving at
your house!

Sunday, October 25, 2009

A Squeek of Inspiration!

Here is Holly
with our two ratty girls.
Bella is on the left and Sofie on the right.
We only had Sofie for 2 weeks before
she passed away from the respiratory
infection she and Bella both had
when we got them from Petsmart.
They were just babies and so cute and fun.

Holly made this using Sculpy and some of
Lucky's fur.

Lucky keeping an eye on Bella

Benny not getting too close to the cage
since Bella bit his nose.
Bella never bites unless you stick your
finger (or nose) between the
bars of her cage.
She has never bitten anyone who
opens her cage and takes her out.
She loves to climb on your shoulder and
tickle your neck!
She is lonely now though....
I just am not sure about buying another
one after loosing Sofie...

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Sisters Harvest Faire 2009

Holly and I visited the
~Sisters Harvest Faire~
It was a cool, crisp Central Oregon day!
Don't you LOVE those hand felted
bags? I think I need that pink one....or the red one!
**Click pics to make bigger**

This is Debra of
She makes awesome leather masks.
Holly found one style she likes and may
order one for the

This is Zeus of
~Zee Art Glass~
He had amazing hand blown glass pendents.
Holly found one with a mushroom suspended in it.
I bought it for her and hid it away for Christmas
Too bad he has NO website

There were lots of great booths

Love bird houses!

Holly strolling

We saw some great ceramics.
Holly is actually taking a ceramics class
in high school right now.

I found more of a favorite lotion.
It is all natural ingredients and smells great!
Kat's Creek Goat Milk Products
Make sure if you order, you get the
"Clean Breeze"

They had some live music as usual.
It seemed to be a popular event this year....
I hope all the vendors did well!
Holly is pretty much over her bout with the flu.
Jesse is still coughing and blowing but is
over the worst of it.
We are working hard on finishing our
Great Room Redo today....
I hope we will be finished by midweek.
I would sure like to share all the improvements
we have made. It has been tons of work, but
it will be worth it!