Saturday, May 30, 2009

And The PINK Winner Is.......

The winner of our
50th Follower
Giveaway drawing is:
Lisa of "Pupy Lov"
Congratulations Lisa!!
Make sure you pop over to check out her
wonderful blog!!
Lisa, I hope you enjoy the PINK vintage cake carrier!

We also want to wish Beverly at
"How Sweet The Sound"
a very happy PINK Saturday Birthday!
We wish her lots of cupcakes......

And Pie!!!
I want to thank everyone who entered our 50th Follower Giveaway. It was a lot of fun for me and very informative. I can tell you that Shabby Cottage was the runaway theme winner with Farm House coming in second. The colors of pink, robins egg blue and aqua were the big favorites with red, yellow and greens not far behind. When it came to collecting...vintage kitchen, roses, birds and cherries were very popular along with vintage linens like tablecloths, doilys and aprons.
Thank you for all your input,
I greatly appreciate it!

Friday, May 29, 2009

Lookie What I Got!!

I went to get the mail the other day and look what I found! It was my box of goodies from winning the drawing from "The Maisy Report" WoooHooooo!!! Benny was very interested in the box. I wonder if Maisy has kittys too??

Then Lucky realized we had a box on the floor. They LOVE mystery boxes!

Look at how nice Maisy had everything wrapped! She sent me a sweet little card with cherries on it because she knows I LOVE cherries just like she does.

I got to go shopping in her "Maisy's Market" Etsy shop. I picked out this cute little canister with polka dots. It goes perfect on my PINK shelf.

And just look at this sweet frosty pink rounded candy dish....I LOVE IT!! I have it next to an old family photo of my Granny Ruth when she was little. She is the blond curly top on the right. She was number 10 out of 11. She prayed for a baby brother and she got one. He is on an older sisters lap.

I put my little rounded red candy dish next to it so it would not be too lonely! I think I may have just started a new collection.....I will just tell hubby, it's all Maisy's fault, heehe!! I think now I need a white milk glass one with hobnails.

I also got these cute little trays and a vintage coffee tin. I have been wanting an old coffee tin for years. That Maisy has GREAT stuff in her shop!! Make sure you pop over there to browse around! Thank you Maisy, I LOVE all my new treasures, your the BEST!!

Friday, May 22, 2009

Vintage Pink Cake Carrier Giveaway!

Happy Pink Saturday Everyone!!
I am having a celebration today. I finally hit 50 followers, whoohoo!! The gorgeous gal pictured below became #50. She is my Darling Daughter, Holly. She was logged into her blog on my computer and clicked to become my 50th follower and my blog recorded it as me following myself, sheesh!! But, since I KNOW I have 50 followers, I am celebrating by having a drawing to give away the pink vintage cake carrier so many of you admired last week. I wanted to celebrate YOU!! Thank you so much for becoming my friends and adding so much to my life!!

SOOoooooo, to be in the drawing, this is what you need to do:
First, for one chance....answer these questions
1.) What are your favorite things to shop for on ebay and Etsy? (gifts, signs, home decor, jewelry, original artsy items, etc...)
2.) What is your favorite theme? (chickens, cherries, birds, etc.....)
3.) What is your favorite style? ( farm house, shabby cottage, Victorian etc...)
4.) What are your favorite colors? (I know you like pink, how about robins egg blue?)
Second, if you want two additional chances to win, post about this giveaway on your blog with a link back to my blog. Make sure you leave me a comment to let me know, so I can add your two additional chances.
I have been planning to open an Etsy store for some time and I want to create items that you all will find pleasing. I do painted signs, decoupage and paper mache' figures. I also enjoy finding vintage items to reborn for new use. This giveaway will help me find my way in my future endeavor. Thank you for participating!!
I will post the winner next week during Pink Saturday
Good Luck and make sure you visit all the other Pink places at Beverly's!

Friday, May 15, 2009

I'm Partial to Pink Prettiness!

Yep, It's true!
I have a lot of Pink and I like it that way! If I can't get it in pink, I can buy it and make it pink. That is what I did with this little bird house.
Click Photos To Make Larger!
I couldn't find very many pink cookbooks so I recovered some of my shabby old ones.

This cake carrier looked pretty bad when I bought it. I spray painted it pink and put the decal on it. I may list this in my Etsy shop (which I plan to open later this month) along with the little tea kettle down below.

A lot of my dishes are pink or have pink on them.
(Cherries too, gotta love 'em)

This tea kettle was white and had a yucky picture on it. Now it is pink and cute!
Make sure you visit all the other "Pink Saturday" folks!


We Can Grow Our Hair Long If We Want To!!

Today is my tribute to older gal's who buck the system and grow their hair long!
Jane Seymour is one of my favorite ladies.....Dr. Quinn - Medicine Woman is our most favorite television series. We are in the final season thanks to Netflix! I believe Lady Jane is in her late 50's in this photo. She had twin boys in her 40's and stays young chasing them around all day!

Mary Jane Butters.....The quintessential farm gal. I believe she is in her late 50's in this photo but I don't know for sure. When I grow up, I want to be just like Mary Jane!!

Here is an amazing woman! Terry Irwin, widow of animal activist, Steve Irwin shown with their daughter, Bindi. I LOVE Terri....She fights with passion for what she believes in and looks great doing it. She is in her early 40's here. Wooooohooo~ Good on ya, Terri!!

This is Lucy Lawless. Some of you might remember her with long, BLACK locks as Zena - Warrior Princess. This is another television series the kids and I enjoyed A LOT!! I seemed to have a thing about Kick-Butt women. I also love Angelina Jolie (despite the out of wedlock with Brad Pitt thing...I keep praying for them). When I am feeling weak, I just watch Tomb Raider and I suddenly feel like I can kick-butt too!

Ah, Christy......Need I say more??? She is 50 something and Fabulous! Good for her for finding the strength to dump Mr. Have a gorgeous wife but sleep around anyways!!!

This is Dana Delaney. I really have not seen her in too much, but LOVE that hair!! She is in her early 50's here. She never married or had kids.....can you tell, heehe!! I wouldn't trade for least, not the kids part.
So, I say.....Forget what ever the common trend is and wear your hair any ol' way you wanna! I even think "Big" hair still looks great on some gal's If my lifestyle was different, I would have me some big old Texas hair. Those gal's know how to foof themselves up!! I have gotten too used to working at home in my jeans or sweats. If and when I do a career change, it will be nice to just put my LONG hair in a neat braid hanging down over one shoulder Mary Jane style and call it good.
See you tomorrow for
"Pink Saturday"
The kid's and I are off to see "Star Trek" tonight....for the SECOND time. Yep, its a good one!!"

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

"Life In My Studio" Blog Giveaway!

Congratulations Debi!!
She is having a giveaway to celebrate and look at how fabulous it is. Make sure you pop over to leave a comment so you will be in the running. Take time to browse around because she has a wonderful blog. Isn't her studio awesome!
I hope everyone is getting sunshine like we are today (it was snowing yesterday, sheesh!)
Take the time to hand out extra smiles, someone might need a spare today!

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Pretty Places in my Pink Bedroom

Welcome to our Pink master bedroom. Hubby is color blind, so pink kinda looks like khaki to him, heehe!! This is a corner of my built in vanity. I like having the glass hand to hang all my bracelets on since D Daughter and I love to bead. I keep the jewelry I wear the most often in the vintage powder box. It still smells like powder inside and the scent reminds me of one of my Grandmas.

I love apothecary jars....actually I just love jars in general!

The hat is one of D Daughters outgrown Easter bonnets.

I LOVE dolls, especially Middleton baby dolls.

This is on the wall next to my vanity. On the top is a fancy pair of black seed beaded high heeled pumps and a fru fru vintage hat with netting.

****Have a Happy Pink Saturday****
Stop at Beverly's for more!


Friday, May 8, 2009

Show Us Where You Live Fridays ~ Living Rooms!

Welcome to my Shabby Cottage home!
I love anything colorful and vintage. I have been collecting old picnic baskets for quite a while and have more scattered around the house. They make good storage for decorator accessories I am not currently displaying. I found the antique radio/turntable at an antique mall in Joplin, Missouri when we lived there. It wasn't in the greatest shape, but I saw what it could be. I took it apart, painted it green and recovered the speaker fabric with stripes. It makes a great end table, don't you think! I got this antique shelf from my friend, the artist, Tracy Roos. I base coated it in red and then sponge painted on two shades of pink and spattered a little green on it. I gave the cedar hope chest in the below picture the same treatment and sometimes arrange these pieces together, with the chest below the shelves. I HAD to paint the is the hope chest my Dad gave my Mother for her sweet 16th birthday when they were dating. My Mom gave it to me and my youngest sister drew all over the top with a black sharpie marker when she was a toddler. I sanded and sanded, it was on there good.......Sooooo, now it's pink and I love it!!

You can see our foyer and front door. We have a nice entry with a big walk-in coat closet. We use the wood stove to heat most of the house. Behind this couch is our staircase.

The banister is horrible, but hubby is not very motivated to change it, sigh.... Up on the wall is antique baby crib springs. I have lots of family photos, etc...on it. I love to see all the pictures as I go up the stairs. I had a cute sign on the top of it, but it was just sitting on it and wasn't attached to the wall. Every time my son would vacuum the stairs, he would bump the springs and the sign would fall on his head. He informed me the sign could no longer reside there, heehe!
Remember you should be able to click any pic to make it larger!

I am sitting on the wood stove to take this picture. The kitchen is on the left, the dining area on the right and you look thru the arch into the family room/art studio. That beautiful quilt was make by hubby's Grama. She passed away before we met. It is a family heirloom I will pass down to my kids someday. It has ALL my favorite decorating colors in it.

I got the red hutch at a garage sale years ago for cheap. It was made of plywood someone had stained. It looked really bad. I put the decorative wood trim pieces on it and spray painted it RED! I added the vintage style glass knobs. It is one of my favorite pieces of furniture.

Thank you for stopping by my Shabby Cottage home! I wonder what room Kelly will choose next week!

Saturday, May 2, 2009

"Pink Saturday"~More Pink Storage!!

I can't believe my luck this week. I have been frustrated with my beading supplies storage. I LOVE the clear plastic boxes I have them all sorted in, but then what do I do with all the boxes. I had them stacked in some drawers.....NOT very satisfactory!!
This bag and bin now sit nicely on a shelf.
While strolling thru Michaels the other day, I happened upon the clearance row. Lookie what I found!! I believe they were made for storing scrapbook supplies. This one came with three similar plastic boxes in it and that is what gave me the idea to use them for beads! I can actually fit SIX bead boxes in it.

I also found this briefcase style bag. It had a single big box in the top, but I took it out and put my three small seed bead boxes in it.

If you unzip the other side, there is plenty of room for misc. supplies and tools.

Then I saw this one, heehee!! I didn't need it for beading but it was only $4.97 and you can never have too much PINK storage!!
I was able to find something to put in it, can you imagine that!! I got all three pieces together for UNDER $20.00 Yeah, baby....That's what I'm talking about!!
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