Thursday, July 16, 2009

Midnight with Harry Potter

I could have posted this yesterday, but I was a zombie!
We did the midnight showing of
"Harry Potter & The Half-Blood Prince".

This was posted on the door of the theater.
We bought our tickets a week early, hehe!
We had originally planned to dress up but that idea kinda fizzled. People just didn't seem to dress up this time.

It was a very party like atmosphere. Cutting in line was discouraged!!
(by me...."Hey- NO CUTTING IN LINE!!")

I ate my favorite Milk Duds with popcorn! I was sooo tired all day yesterday and I came down with the sinus flu bug going around.
I have today thru Sunday off work so I am trying to get my living room painted. I found the PERFECT color and am very excited.
I will post about it later!


kimmcl said...

Hi Lilly Sue! What a cute little ole Movie House ya got there! Ours is just your average Tri-Plex with zero curb appeal, but yours is just adorable! Is your whole town like that??? I may have to move!

Lisa said...

YEAH!!!! Did you love it or what!! It is just so much better with all the fans at midnight!! (I saw 2 and the one later in the day had less than 20 people and the vibe was not there. Even though the only people there sat right at us!? Yours looked fun! Our one theater sold out over 10 screens!! I also bought tickets over a week ahead! The dressing up didn't happen here either, a few wore house colors but that was it! I too get the Zombie thing! I was still loopy this AM at work!!
Can't wait to see your living room!! Happy Painting!
Hugs, Lisa

Holly said...

Hunny, please don't paint your living room when you've been sick AND feeling zombish! Things like that will age ya too quickly! REST. ☺ ♥

Beansieleigh said...

"Hey" LillySue!.. So TELL US.. did you LIKE it?!! I wish I could go see it again! But I really wish I had reread the book first! I'm going to post a little this morning.. It's hard to giving away to much for those who haven't yet seen it, and still plan to! By the way, I LOVE your movie theatre! That is so-ooo CUTE!!!

Lee Laurie said...

That movie house is so neat! Can you believe that I have never seen a Harry Potter movie!

Lee Laurie