Monday, July 27, 2009

We are off to Faerieworlds!!

These photos are from last years event
Faerieworlds 2008
Held in beautiful Eugene, Oregon.
This is Jesse, Holly and her best friend, Miss H. along with one of our
MOST FAVORITE artists, Brian Froud!!
He was the artist who did the characters in the movie
Which starred David Bowie and Jennifer Connelly.
He also has many wonderful fantasy art books out about faeries, goblins, etc.. He did the very amusing "Lady Cottington's" smashed faerie books.
He signed Holly's book and even drew her a little picture which is one of her most beloved things!
Me and my girlie....We had messed with our hair color using bleach
and misc. temperary color etc....
We will NOT be doing that this year!!

Eating on cushions, on the floor in the dining tent

More food...Jesse is 14 and has to eat every 20 minutes to keep up his strength!

Click here to learn more about the

2009 Faerieworlds event in Eugene, Oregon

Another shot of Brian Froud with the kids.
We are so excited because we signed up
to take an all day faerie sculpting class
from Brian, his wife Wendy and their son, Toby.
Toby was actually the baby "Toby" in the
"Labyrinth" movie!!
Wendy is also an artist, a fact we were not really aware of last year when we met Brian and saw Wendy there. She is a totally amazing artist and was a major creator of the "Star War's" character, Yoda!!
The class is for only 15 people and Holly, Miss H and I are 3 of them!
Learn more about the class by clicking here~

Jesse makes a good elf, don't you think??

Click here to visit the "Faerieworlds" blog

This is Toby Froud.
As you can imagine, he is an artist too.
He also has many major achievements to his name.
You can see LOTS more about the Frouds here at their
website~ "World of Froud"
His costume here is a faun. It looks so cool in person.
The Frouds make their home in Devon, England.

If you can make it to Eugene, Oregon this coming weekend, July 31st. ~ August 2nd, It is just a great time in a very artsy, creative environment.
Lots of music, food, booths, dancing, workshops etc...
It is worth going just to see all the costumes folks come up with!!
I will take LOTS of pictures and will share this years event with you next week
I will do my Pink Saturday post ahead so it will be on schedule.
We are so ready for a getaway....See ya next week!!

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Welcome to my Art Studio!

I am so glad you stopped by to see my little corner of creativity!
This is how it has been for a while and I am going to be giving it a little makeover in a month or so, but this is what it is for now.
Click on the pictures to make them bigger.

My spot is in the back half of our family room....
The couch is the divider. It faces a coffee table and a big screen T.V.
The walls are actually a nice sage green. They look more robins egg than they really are.

It is my office also.
Aragorn (Lord of the Rings) keeps me company, sigh.....

Gotta have lots of supplies!

And cheerful friends near by.

I love vintage books.

Aragorn greets me every morning!
Next to my computer is a inspiration board.
I tack up anything that sparks my imagination.

My pink box is always handy

More supply storage

You can NEVER have too much Mod Podge or too many whatchamahickies!

This spot is the wall opposite my window....
My kitchen sink is right behind it.
That opening used to be my kitchen window before we did the additions.
Now I have NO windows in my kitchen.
That is why I had to have white cupboards.

I love using muffin tins to sort out my dodads.

Here are some characters living around my Studio.
Benny TRYING to be as cute as Lucky!

Granny Mermaid
I sculpted her with Fimo and a repurposed Barbie.
I shaved her hair off and put the Fimo right over all of her except her bendy arms.
It was really fun!

Gandalf was Holly's first fired clay sculpture.
Didn't she do an awesome job?!!

Lucky being especially sweet and cute!

I hope you enjoyed your tour!
Make sure you pop over to
to find the links to many more Studio Tours.

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Motorhead Chicks get their fix!

Saturday was the
"Glory Daze Car Show"
This post is really for my Dad.
He is a life long motorhead and so am I and my siblings.

Hi Daddy.....
Is this one kinda like yours???
My Dad built a T-bucket and is making the car show rounds in Arkansas.
He has several awards already!
Way to go Dad!!

This one was for sale...Fully restored inside and out.

If I had $25, ooo. laying around, it would have come home with me!

Can't you see me doing the grocery shopping in it?

Holly and I seemed to really like all the cars in this color family!

Sooooooo Cute!
That's two third generation Motorheads there!

Nothing like an old farm truck!

You could tell this guy was proud of his rig.



LOVE this color too!

This one needed a Rebel flag on the roof!
(And Bo Duke behind the wheel!)

Yeah, Baby!

I could so see me cruising around in this one too!

Notice the name on the front....
I wonder if that is Carol waving to us?

Thh thhh thhh~ That's all folks!!
Are any of you other gal's out there
Motorheads too??