Friday, July 17, 2009

Living Room Redo Update #2

OK, I have done everything that I can reach with my regular, trusty green ladder. Now comes the part I hate. Hubby brought in the telescoping, extra tall ladder so I can reach the really high parts. DD- Holly is going to help me by filling up my little roller so I don't have to go all the way down the ladder. I have the quilt taken down now and can really get down to business.
I get to paint around our track lights too, so fun!!

This was the response I got when I asked if anyone else wanted to help!!
I think Lucky has the right idea.....I am sure I will look like this by tomorrow, heehee!


Lisa said...

I so get that same response from my dogs! Say work and they play dead!
Hugs, Lisa

debi @ life in my studio said...

Looks like you've got your hands full. I can't wait to see it when it's done...looks great so far!

Annette said...

LOVE the living room...painting with a rod is very, very trying on the patience...I don't look forward to doing it again in my house anytime soon. Though perhaps you shall inspire me to finish my kitchen! I painted EVERYTHING when I moved in 4 years ago and never finished the kitchen...maybe this should be the weekend!

Timi said...

LOL.......I usually get the same response around here when I'm lecturing the dog and cat about "I'm not running a resort around here!"

I have a similar wall to paint at my house. I have been looking at it for 3 years. I just can't bring myself to start it. I admire you for gettin it done.