Saturday, August 29, 2009

Pretty Pink Present

This past week has been a blur!
Hubbies 50th birthday last Sunday....
His two Sisters here for part of the week to visit...
My birthday on Thursday...
And now we are at the Oregon Coast
for a very short get-away.
This is me and the kids
during one of our outings this week
I got the pink t-shirt not too long ago.
It is my current favorite!
Holly made me this precious art doll for my birthday.
She sculpted the face, hands and feet.
**Click on the photos to make them bigger**

She made the armature and costume too.
Didn't she do a great job?!!
Thank you for stopping to see our pink
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Thursday, August 27, 2009

Birthday Bliss for Me!

46 years ago today this baby with the head of red hair was born

I was the first grand child born on both sides of my parents families

As a small child I was, of course, completely doted on!!

This was my first birthday....
My Mom made sure everything was perfect.

Just check out the table.
Matching china, table cloth and flowers.

Yum....I LIKE sweets!!

Check out my little baby shoes with
the bells on them, heehe!

Presents for me?? Yeay!!

Then I grew.....

And grew some more......

I had more birthdays....

Mom set more perfect tables.....

Back then, we would wear our perfect party dresses...

And our Mom's MADE perfect cakes!!

Can we eat yet??

By 1970 the fancy parties were fading out.
I was 7 that year.
I had wanted that doll stroller SOOoooo bad!
~Thank you for sharing my beginning~
I turn 46 today
The next 40+ years will be even better!

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Picking the Perfect Pink

As most of you know,
we are redecorating our Great Room.
I picked out the perfect granite counter tops
after waiting for 11 years.
Of course, they had no sample for me to take home.
I spent my time in Home Depot, running between
the large granite sample they had in the
kitchen department and the paint department
trying to find the perfect wall color.
The green base cupboards will soon be white like the top ones!
I had decided on my pink and got the walls all painted before the installers arrived to put in the granite.
Doesn't it look good in the picture?!!

Here is a little sneak peak of the granite now installed.
The dark pink looked horrid with the granite, sigh...
The lighting in Home Depot is NOT the same
as the lighting in my kitchen.
Two days before my out of state company arrives,
I was back painting the kitchen a new, lighter
It looks
Much better!!
I am exhausted and company comes this afternoon.
We celebrate Hubbies 50th birthday
Tomorrow and my house STILL needs to be cleaned.
We still have a few more redo details to finish also.
If it gets done, great....if not,
the cake will still taste just as good!!

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Faerieworlds 2009

We are back from
I think it is more fun than Disneyland!!
Isn't this Faerie Granny sweet!

It had to be around 100* both the days we went.
Holly and I bought parasols to help keep the sun off of us.
This is us on the 2nd day.
Holly designed and made my tiara/crown!

We saw LOTS of interesting characters

When she stood up, her hair went to the back of her knees!

If you are not familiar with Faerieworlds, it is a festival held several times a year. Usually in August and Jan. in Eugene, Oregon and also FaerieCon held in the North Eastern U. S. in November, I believe. You can learn all about it at their website here!

Does this guy look like Liam Neeson, or is it just me??

Cool mask!

Everyone definitely had their own style, heehe!

Aren't these two so cute!!
They were really nice too, as was everyone we met.

Holly and her best friend, Hannah trying on hats.
I tell Hannah she is the redheaded-freckle face daughter I never had!

Jesse bought me an organic, gluten free lemon cupcake.
It was BLISS in a bite!
(This was my 1st day outfit)

Jesse was a pretty happy guy.
All he needed was SnowCones........

And Babes!!

I think the kids had a pretty great time overall.

I know I sure did!
I will be posting more photos over the next couple of days including all about the workshop we took with Wendy, Brian and Toby Froud.
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so you won't miss more Faerieworlds fun!
I had not intended for this to be my
Pink Saturday
Post but it has turned out to be.....Lots of pink to see at
Faerieworlds, actually!!