Thursday, June 18, 2009

Vintage Picnic : Junk Party Entry!

Howdy~Hey Ya'all
Welcome to my "Junk Party" entry!
I LOVE vintage picnic junk

My picnic basket collection. These are great because you can use them to store decor items you are not displaying at the time. I have one more, but it is up on a high shelf with a plant on it.

I like old Thermos's. I have several of the standard red plaid but love to find cool, unique graphics and unusual lids. Do you have any of these??

I like them in blue...


And Green!!

Hey, how did that Farm Chicks cookbook get out here! Can't keep those Gals away from a good junk party, teehee!!

Do you collect vintage picnic stuff?? I would LOVE to see it!
Thanks for stopping by!
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Half of the Style Sisters said...

I love all those vintage picnic baskets and old brings back memories for me.

Nancy said...

I love your collection, LillySue! I have a few picnic tins, but only 4 or 5. Yours are all so neat!


~~Carol~~ said...

Hi, I'm a first time Junk Partyer, and boy do I love your junk! I just started collecting metal picnic baskets, and I got my first thermos last week. I would love to find one of those little jugs or coolers too. Going now to snoop through the rest of your blog!

Me & My House said...

Love it! Wow, you have QUITE the collection and the Farm Chicks cookbook fits in perfectly! Thanks for joining in on the party!

ellen said...

very cool collection!

Anne Marie said...

love it all!!

I too love old thermos's and baskets-
my little collection is nothing compared to yours!


Sheila R said...

What a fun collection on memories!

Marie said...

Hello Lillysue - I'm new to your blog! Love your fabulous vintage picnic collection!


Rachel said...

Love ♥ love your picnic baskets. They are so cute! I hope you go on many wonderful picnics and eat your lunch on a beautiful antique quilt under a shady tree!

Do you use the thermoses? What a neat collection! Thanks for sharing. You've got good 'junk'.

foxxy said...

I don't collect vintage picnic stuff but I just might after seeing your post. Great stuff. So neat.

Lisa said...

Oh you have the best Picnic Junk!!! Thanks for sharing!
Hugs, Lisa

Old Centennial Farmhouse said...

I've got a picnic jug on my post for Friday! I love all your stuff, you've been collecting way longer than I. I'm just gettin' started! I love your thermoses the best!
PS: I linked you to my post today to send more folks over to look at your awesome collection of vintage picnic items!

Marie Reed said...

I am blown away! I have never met anybody who collected vintage picnic stuff! What a blast:) That is the best idea ever! You colection is FABULOUS! Boy I'd love to go on a picnic with you:)

Cynthia's Cottage Design said...

Oh Lillysue!! How fabulous!

You have such a great collection sweetie! I love each piece! Those baskets are to die for adorable! and the thermos's ? well they are scrumptiously vintage!! Let me know when your having a garage sale and I'm there :) hehe

Love your blog and your home is so cozy sweet too! Keep collecting, you are a lady on a mission there :)

Wishing you a fabulous weekend and Thanks so much for all your sweet comments too!

Hugs, Cynthia

considerthelillies said...

best lookin junk I ever saw!

Michelle said...

How adorable!! Love it...and absolutely love your thermos collection. Love the red ones. :) I just realized you live right here in Oregon. I bet Sisters is beautiful this time of year! :)

Bobbi Jo said...

What a fun junk party! I love the reds and the Farm Chicks rock.
Thank you for the tip on the Rider jeans. I will have to give them a try. I truly appreciate it!!
Hugs, Bobbi Jo

Amy'svintagecottage said...

Great Collection! We have had several over the years for sale in the store, the best one I can recall was the big round jug style in a rosie pink. We filled it with fresh flowers and it sold the same day. I must look for more now that you have reminded me.
Thanks for always leaving me such nice comments on my blog. I'm so bad about commenting:(

Beansieleigh said...

"Hey" LillySue! I LOVE all this stuff!.. but I especially LOVE the rooster! My Great Grandmother collected them, then my grandmother, then my mother, and now I collect them!.. Anyways, I don't know how you feel about these things, but I have a blog award that awaits you on my Friday "Panda" post! No jumping hoops required! (0; See you for Pink Saturday!

Florence said...

I love all those picnic items and have a collection of my own with some of those same thermos. Great display.

Mary B. said...

What a great post. I popped over from Old Centennial Farmhouse. I have a large, round red and black plaid metal cooler with a metal lid. Do you know what it is for? I'm curious about the shape and it's function. Love your blog!

Kristal said...

Wow, you have quite a collection of goodies! And all of it is beautiful! Love how you grouped each color together, really showed off each piece. I'm have so much fun with this party, even though I'm a little late, oops! I would love to come back and chat with you!

Jane said...

Holy eye candy batman! That is an amazing collection. Beautiful pictures too.

The Polka Dot Pixie said...

What an awesome collection! Really great photos too! I love the theme!

Candy-Faith..... from Simply Pretty said...

I was blog hopping and came across your blog and thought Id say HI :)


junkermidge said...

Oh, I LOVE all the vintage picnic baskets and thermoses. I have a few myself just because they are so fun and practical for storage.
Thanks for sharing your great collection.