Monday, June 1, 2009

Photo shoot + Dog?

This all started out with me asking Jesse (14 yr old son) to take a shot of me with my braces before I get them taken off. I am wearing them because my old retainer wore out (Got it when Jesse was 2!) and I was getting impressions for a new one. I mentioned to the orthodontist that since my old retainer had started to break, my teeth had shifted some and it would have been nice to get a tune-up, but I could not afford it. But, just how much would it be???? He says, "Oh, about 250". Hmmm, Yeah, I could never afford $2,500. "NO", he says..."$250.00". "NO WAY!!", I say. "YEP!" says he. So, it just seemed to make sense, if you are going to get a new $400.00 retainer, it should be made to fit straight teeth, right?? The expression Samdog is posing here, I call "Samdog the Meek and Humble". It usually gets him in the patio door every time.
So Jesse is taking a few shots and suddenly Samdog decides Mom is having WAY too much fun by herself and he wants in on it. Jesse thinks it is a great idea. The top photo is me with my glasses on. They are huge because I have blended TRIfocals. I have to wear them all the time, but I usually remove them for photos because they are magnifying for me to see, but they also magnify what you see, hehee, my crepey crows feet. I don't mind them, really....but not for photos! (notice that you can see my forehead too, it was the first day I have fixed my bangs up instead of on my forehead. I still can't decide if I want to grow them out or not. I am trying to get over my bare forehead phobia!!) Sam is giving you the "I got my way and Mama is including me" smile. He is a wierd dog....he smiles at appropriate times, like when I get home in the car and he runs out to meet me. I am always greeting with multiple silly grins!

This is the adoration expression. I can totally hear him telling me he loves me when he does this. We have trained him not to be a licker, or else, I am sure this would be accompanied by a big-ole-wet-smootch!!

Now, he is thinking, "You mean I have to sit STILL??!!".

"We're done now, right?? your gonna throw the ball???"
On a side note, Sam just started taking daily meds last week. He had been having health problems all winter and had been to the vet in Dec. with skin problems. The past month or so, he had been getting so heavy even though I had really reduced his meals. He was sleeping a lot more, was not wanting to go on walks or chase the ball which he always lived to do before. Back to the vet he went and they discovered he has hypothyroidism just like me!! How weird is that?? I always wondered why a fat black dog would want to lay in the sun....his heater was not working and he was trying to get warm, poor puppy!! I can totally feel his pain. Now, after almost a week on his meds, he is almost his old self again, Praise God!!


Feedsack Fantasy said...

What a fun way to show off those 'sparklers' ... I bet you won't miss them, tho. Pooch is a cutie ... good pics of you both. TY for sharing. TTFN ~ Marydon

Rachel said...

Cute pictures! I think your hair is looking lovely. Wish mine was that colour!

Lisa said...

Oh i love your story! Your puppy is so sweet! I'm glad he is doing better! I see that alot but then I work in a Vet. hospital so thats where you go to find out what's up!! Happy Braces off Day!

ps I feel very lucky to have won your cake carrier but I'm afraid some of our friends don't like me now! It was a hot ticket!! hehehe THANKS

Betty Jo said...

You're so cute and have gorgeous hair. Your doggie is adorable too. ♥

Dreams2009 said...

heehee I had an issue with "bare forehead phobia" too I'm slowly getting over it, does take time getting use to.

Love your pup, animals are so affectionate and know just how to make us smile ;)

Thank you for your kind comments today, we are working things out, marriage isss a lot of work, but I'm still grateful for all that it is :)

Katie said...

Ha, taking a picture with a dog is harder than taking one with a toddler!

You should try q-tip painting for sure, but don't expect too many dots! Mine started out making dots but eventually she was having too much fun swirling paint around and just using them as paintbrushes. That's why we never did get around to cutting a D shape out of the finished dot picture. Kindergarteners make much nicer q-tip dot pictures than two and a half year olds.

debi @ life in my studio said...

Your son did a nice job with the pictures...very cute! I'm glad your puppy is feeling better.

Holly said...

I love your hair, LilySue! I'm in the process of growing out my bangs at my husbands request. I'm finally getting used to it.

Your doggy is opposite mine. She hates to have her picture taken because she's afraid of the camera!

Our Back Porch said...

Congrats on "Braces Off" Day! Your puppy dog is so precious and well behaved for the camera. Maggie Moo is so use to me taking pictures, that she doesn't put up a fuss and just sits there until I'm done. I guess she has cmoe to realize it will go quicker if she does. hee hee

Have a lovely day.

graciegirl said...

Your eyes sound like mine,I refused to get the x3 bi-focals,I settled for x2.
Your hair is lovely,with out bangs, the color is beautiful too.
So glad Sam dog is well...
Enjoyed your pics.

Anne Marie said...

hey! how have you been? You look lovely my friend...just lovely!!
cutie pie dog too.

Persuaded said...

your hair is sooo pretty!

Stephanie ~ Angelic Accents said...

Such terrific pics! And your dog is just adorable. Love that one of him looking so sweet at you ~ doesn't that just melt your heart?!?!

Hope his meds make him feel much better!

Angelic Accents