Wednesday, June 10, 2009

The Farm Chicks Show Rocked!

So, if you were wondering if it was as fun as it looks like it was, yes...I mean YES!! it really was! Finding cool treasures was great, but meeting the wonderful people who created or discovered them was most definitely the BEST part. This is Farmer Julie, Me and Holly. Julie is such a gem...I loved visiting with her and her Mom. Her Mom had come over from Montana to hang out with her for the weekend. Wahoo for mother~daughter trips!! See all the pretty pottery in the booth behind us....I had a very difficult time picking one out since they were all so pretty!

This is the one I chose. Don't you love the little hobnails and the perfect sagey-aqua green color!! Make sure you make time to visit with Julie here at:

This is Me and Deb Kennedy of "Retreat Design" aka Kennedy Design. She was just one of the nicest people EVER! Her booth was amazing. ... Perhaps the decoupaged grand piano - turned bar had something to do with it, ha! We did not buy anything, but she gave US a gift.

All wrapped up in a little box. We put the box in our bag and saved it for a surprise. Holly opened it while we were waiting for our dinner at Marie Calendar's.

It held a precious little handmade nest and dried rose petals. So sweet.....Holly adores it! She is in a nest, moss, mushroom, fairy stage right now and she claimed it as hers, heehe! Thank you Deb! Make sure you visit here: You will not be disappointed!

This is Me with Coleen of the blog "Coleen's Reflections"
We LOVED her booth! Holly was in mushroom-moss-fairy heaven!! She is a very sweet gal and also sells her creations in her Etsy shop under "Weefae".

One of Holly's favorites

I LOVED these blossoms. Check out her blog....Her photo's are SOoooo much better than mine!

This little fairy cone pocket I HAD to have. It is pure BLISS!

Me and Joy from "Aunties" She is just so much fun....Everyone who walked into her booth felt welcomed, I can promise you that!

Joy had lots of eye candy in her booth and I chose these vintage aqua Bingo cards and a flower wand. She has a blog I am sure you would enjoy...pop over to for a visit!!

Here is the "King of Tarte" and Holly. She had spotted a little mossy nest the day before and Cindy, "The Queen of Tarte", had told her she could have it for $6.00 By Sunday, Holly had decided she really NEEDED it and we went back for it. Thank goodness it was STILL there. I don't know why I love this photo so much, but I do.....Holly is my shy, quiet one away from the house and it was SOoo fun to see her out and about meeting folks!! She was so tickled when "The King" wrapped her nest in paper and put it in a pink bag with a lovely tag hanging by a silk ribbon. (Brilliant Cindy!!) I think she likes the bag as much as the nest. She said she will sit the bag on her dresser to remind her of our trip. Pop back to see said Pink bag on Pink Saturday, heehe!

You can visit "Tartes" blog site here at
Isn't the nest precious!

Another shot of Tarte's

Holly had me back at Lenette's "Garden Girl" booth MANY times. I imagine by the time FarmChicks was over, Lenette thought we were stockers!

She had so many things for a magical garden! If you are in her area, make sure you stop for a visit..... Garden Girl 25 N. Front St. Shop 2 Yakima, Washington

This is Debi of "Ormolulu". She is very sweet and was even willing to make me a deal on a dreamy pink blender. It was KILLING ME!!

I wanted the blender so bad, but already have three at home. Hubby would have strung me up.....Sadly, he does not understand the need for unique, vintage collectibles, sigh...... You can visit the beautiful Debi here at

Beth makes Bea-U-ti-Ful jewelry!!

Isn't this piece just amazing!! LOVE IT!
I have lots more
to share with you from our
FarmChicks Trip.
I will post more Friday and then...
FarmChicks Pink
on Saturday!!
Thank you for sharing in our trip.
Make sure you visit our new friends!


kimmcl said...

Oh! I keep seeing pictures and reading about Farm Chicks all over blogland and I am so jealous!!! But happy for all of my blog friends of course. Thanks for more pictures! Kim

Nancy said...

Oh, wow! Thanks so much for sharing. Just like Kim, I'm so jealous of all you gals who got to attend! Everything is so neat...I am in awe of all the talented people there. Thanks again for sharing!


Feedsack Fantasy said...

What a fun & interesting trip you had. Farm Chicks is highly advertised in ladies magazines every year before the events.

TTFN ~ Marydon

Persuaded said...

my goodness what a wonderful fun marvelous spantastic time you all had. next time you need to invite me;)

luuuurve that pink blender♥

ooglebloops said...

Great pix - thanks for sharing - I don't know which was more fun for you- looking and buying - or meeting all the folks you talk to in blogland!! LOL I recognize a few that I've "spoken" to!!!

Lisa said...

OMG!! I know you guys had a ball! What great goodies!! The ones you got and the ones you didn't!! Thanks for sharing!

Holly said...

Thanks for the pics, Lilysue! I feel like I was there! (Especially as I read, 'Holly this and Holly that"! ☺) I'm having fun thinking about going next year. ♥

Coleen said...

Hey LilySue!!!

I just saw on my blog roll that you had posted, so i jumped on over! It was so fun meeting you and your sweet daughter in person! Thank you so much for you kind words about my booth.I think I will rename my "Lily" faerie to "LilySue" interesting that you were drawn to her! I forgot to tell you that i also have a faerie named "Holly"...she was named after my neice!!

Heart Hugs!

C Maisy said...

you got some great photos of the two of you and the vendors. it makes me sad to think i was so close...yet so far. till next year!!

Parisienne Farmgirl said...

Thank you so much for stopping by! How did you find me? Via Nada? I'll return the favor and become your 72nd!
Love the pottery that you chose and HELLO! What is up with that canopy thing at the Tarte booth! I MUST HAVE THAT!!!!

Audra, Green Meadow Lane said...

I just love your blog! I am now a follower!

Michelle@Fromhousetohome said...

Hi LillySue, thanks for sharing the great pictures! So glad you had a fun time!

koralee said...

Thanks for the beautiful felt like i came along for the ride!!! I so wanted to go but just did not work out for me this year...maybe next. Don't you just love Beth Quin Designs..i have a few of her pieces!! Thanks for visiting me at bluebird notes!!! Have a great rest of your day!!!

thefarmchicks said...

It was great to meet you at the show!
All the best,

thefarmchicks said...

It was great to meet you at the show!
All the best,

Debi Ward Kennedy said...

LilySue, it was an absolute pleasure meeting you and sweet Holly! I am so glad you came by to visit us... you girls were having SUCH a fun time together, and isn't that what it's all about?!

disa said...