Sunday, June 21, 2009

Father's Day Reunion: Dad, this one is for you!

OK, Before anyone say's "Doesn't this Gal own any other tops...Yes, I do but I got this one earlier this year and it is my FAVORITE...So, I wear it when I do something special.....I just happen to blog everything special, so you keep seeing it, heehe!
I L*O*V*E this above photo!!
It is me with my three cousins that live in Portland. They are my Uncle Dick and Aunt Joella's three boys..Grady, Royce and Aaron. I am the oldest. We had just some of the best times together growing up. Grady taught me how to spin in cowpies. You had to have cowboy boots on to do this and it was most fun if they were crusty on top and soft on the bottom.
Hey...we were kids!!

The "Girls"

The "Guys"

Aaron's daughter Abby.
We had not seen her before...
She fell for Jesse immediately and came into the kitchen asking,
"Where is my Prince??"
She stuck to him like glue all day, heehe!

Lots of good eats!

Even more chatting!

Me and Bess....
The brace face twins.
She gets hers off on the 29th, mine come off on the 1st. Woohoo!!

The next generation

Alissa's first car

They are growing up TOO FAST!!
We missed you guys, Dad.
You were in our thoughts all day!!
Happy Father's Day
Love~ Your Suzer


Shiree said...

Hi ya Lillysue,
family times are really treasured times huh, we had a family gathering at the weekend also, it was my Mum's 76th birthday! Great to have everyone over.
So glad you had a good time, and shared it with us,
have fun, Shiree

Sheila R said...

Family times are the best times. Looks like you had a wonderful weekend.

C Maisy said...

love all the photos. girl, you keep wearing that shirt!!

Florence said...

Family gatherings are so special. Memories in the making.

Rachel said...

Great photos! You are such a cutie pie and your daughter is gorgeous. She will grow into a stunner for sure! She's really got her own style, hasn't she?

our little love nest said...

Such cute it! xo

Lisa said...

Super Family!! I really wouldn't have realized about the shirt if you hadn't mentioned it! It's a great top and if you love it wear it girl! Congrats on being so close to getting your braces off! I have always been so glad I was lucky enough to get mine young.
Hugs, Lisa

Lynn said...

Your family is adorable.
Thank you for visiting my blog and reading about my son. Today?
He got a speeding ticket. On the ground.

Such a Wondrous Place this Faery Space said...

So glad to see such smiles!! Thanks for coming by my place and I am so filled up with joy that you love to visit. Blessings and light, Amy

Crystal said...

Wow, what a great time for all, it is always great together with your loved one.
I just found your blog, while blog hopping. I joined your follower list and look forward to getting to know you.

koralee said...

Looks like an amazingly fun time for you i love reunions!!

~Katie said...

Awww. I love the pictures. Soooo cute that Abby loved Jesse. He is adorable! A girl knows a hottie when she sees one! :) Can't wait to see your beautiful teeth w/out braces!! I so need to get some back on my top teeth. Yuck. I remember how sore my teeth were! LOVE the shirt. :)

Take Care!!

Sharon said...

What a fun time ya'll had! I love the brass face twin pix! Very cute. You are blessed!