Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Sweet Little Cottage in my Heart

This is where I live....in my heart. We currently live in a large (2,400 sq.ft.) house in central Oregon. It is for sale. This is a picture of where I want to live. Of course it would be in the Arkansas, Ozarks. I am not sure where I got the photo. If it is your house, God bless you! When I go to sleep at night, I visualize myself all cozy in this sweet little cottage. The stone fireplace has a crackling fire, the bookshelves are holding all my favorite books and pretties. My kids are all tucked in their beds, secure and happy with purring kitties. In the summer, our peach and apricot trees will be full of sweet ripe fruit. Arwen and I decided yesterday that we wanted to make homemade ice cream with our soft, ripe apricots when we get some! Of course, the cream will come from our own little Jersey( named Daisy). The eggs will come from our own little flock of hens living in the cute, red chicken house out back. Can you see us sitting on the back porch, passing the hand-crank ice cream maker back and forth, anticipating the wonderful treat awaiting us?? I would run in to my vintage style kitchen and get my glass, old fashioned ice cream dishes to serve it all up in. After we finished the treat, my Dad would get out his banjo and my Uncle, his guitar, and we would have bluegrass music while the kids caught fireflies. I feel in my heart that a call for simpler times is here. I don't need a big house full of electronic gadgets. (except for my computer, scanner/printer, digital camera heehee!) I am ready to hang my laundry out on the line and willing to dig my garden with a shovel. I do love watching a good movie and listening to some Jack Johnson, but I would be just as happy if not happier to hear my Dad play his banjo or guitar and to read a good book. I also want to get a three wheeled granny bike. I won't be a granny for a while but I could toodle down to the market on one of these and bring back my goodies in the big basket on the back. I long to get up in the early morning and after feeding all the critters, make a hearty breakfast with everything produced by our own little farmette. Does anyone else feel like your soul is calling you to more basic living?? I know it is not glamorous and is a lot of hard and dirty work, but that has never been something that bothered me. When I get there....my own little cottage on a little farmette, I will invite you all for homemade ice cream. And I will make sure my Dad brings his banjo over!
Blessings- LillySue
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Amy said...

What a wonderful post! I sure do feel like more basic living would be divine for my soul! Thanks for sharing your sweetness!

Wendy said...

That is a beautiful dream! I hope it comes true for you....so, can I live next door? The neighborhood sounds divine! and very friendly!

C Maisy said...

I just love it...love it...love it.
Thanks for sharing your dreams. they are lovely!

Sonia ~ Vintage Rose Designs said...

Hello LillySue,
What a Dream!!! I love it, you are describing a piece of heaven there.
I would love some home made ice cream too =)

Piper said...

I think we share the same dream except of coarse I live in Ohio. Lovely blog.

Anne Marie said...

My soul was calling for this life I lead...as yours is now- be patient and God will let you know when....
and btw; your description is RIGHT ON for farm life; homemade ice cream, banjos, dirt, work, SO TRUE! My f-in-law plays the banjo and I the guitar :)

start looking for that place- now's your chance to get a really good "deal"

Kelly said...

That's my house!!

Just kidding, but I'd take it! ;o) How beautiful, Lillysue! I completely echo your sentiments about simple living. We used to live in the country in a very small town, but it wasn't very quiet or sleepy, as I like to see small towns be. :o) Now we're suburbanites, which is much better for me as a SAHM (I need to see people, lots of people!), but my heart will always belong to the country.

P.S. I grew up in the big city, LOL. So I'm a mutt.

Happy weekend, mama! Glad to have found your blog!


Lorie said...

That is lovely!

Bobbi Jo said...

Lilly Sue,
I got to live a more simple life in a smaller place, with no TV and we had animals and a huge garden. We had a couple neighbors but they weren't real close to where we lived and I LOVED it. Then hubby lost his job and our house hadn't sold in the valley and we moved back. I was so much happier there, and someday I will live that way again. Thank you for the sweet post. Hugs, Bobbi Jo