Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Projects for my Kitchen

WooooHoooo~ Last week it finally got warm enough (above 50*) for me to do some spray painting outside. It has been spitting flurries today but the painting is DONE! This little shelf I found at a yard sale. It looked pretty bad. I sanded and cleaned it. I did hit it with some primer before the paint. I could see it would be a sweet little shelf to put pretties on by my kitchen. I have a wall just crying out for just some such thing.

I found this at the Goodwill along with the paper towel rack pictured below. I actually like it the way it has been and it was up in my laundry room for some time. was time for some changes in my kitchen and this guy needed a face lift.

This had obviously already put in years of service to a family somewhere. I have hated the plastic paper towel rack we hung since I bought it. It was the best I could find at the time. My Dad has a really cool antiquey cast iron one I have always loved. When I found this, I knew I could fix it up and give it a happy new home. I also had some decor wall hangings I thought needed updating to match the new look in my kitchen so I spent the last two evenings giving them a do-over. It was SOOOooooo much fun! Scroll up to the next post to see the results!!

Blessings~ LillySue


C Maisy said...

great, great stuff girl!!!

Annette said...

You have some great finds! I love the shelf at the top...very, very can come help me fix my kitchen up anytime :P

Hope you have an awesome day...