Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Starting To Look Like Spring?

Well, not too much Spring going on outside yet, but things are starting to bloom inside! This little fella is a Dept. 56 chickie. He is one of my favorites. He is next to a vintage pot with silk flowers in it. I have read on a few other blogs that silk flowers are supposed to be "outdated". Well, I guess I am just not with it, because I L*O*V*E my silk flowers. Where we live in Central Oregon, it is hard to grow lush flower gardens so a lot of my blooms are "grown" inside.

Kinda like this antique coffee pot full of hydrangeas. My son gave me the froggy last year for my birthday. Isn't he funny and cute! I like how he blends in with the rock on our woodstove surround. I ususally don't do monochromatic but I like how the gray of the rock, pot and frog all look together. That splash of pink really makes this spot cheerful.

This little robin is kinda lonely because one of my naughty kitties bumped the nest and her mate was broken. She does like having more room in her nest now though. I love finding real unoccupied nests and bringing them in to use for decor. I hope your house is starting to bloom about now too!
Blessings- LillySue


Annette said...

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ooglebloops said...

Love your frog and hydrangeas!! I have a frog collection. I am now a follower - thanks for following me and good luck in my giveaway!!!

kisses and cupcakes said...

oh i had so much fun catching up on your blog : )
the solo birdie is adorable - and the nests are the best, huh! and your COOKBOOK REDO is just FAB!
love how you even matched the colors! i am jealous!
and the chocolate cake in the mug - hahaha! i think i might have to freak my hubby out with that one!
thanks for a fun time!
kisses and cupcakes,

Cathy said...

Love the "surprise froggy" and that birdie is beautiful. Your cookbook re-do is a-mazing! I, too, have gotten so inspired by blogs this year, but I have never seen a cookbook re-do! I see you have "Deceptively Delicious" -- I haven't been brave enough to try anything!! Give me Taste of Home or Paula Deen for can't miss cooking :) Ohhh! I just noticed your two adorable bluebirds! Such fun -- you inspire!

Becky said...

Really cute things.Love the little arrangement in the last photo.Old books and dishes, and a birds nest in a bowl how cute!