Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Well, here goes.......I have played with every button and gadget I could find on the blogger. It has been a real learning experience. There is a lot more I want to do with this blog, but am satisfied for today! I want to put a really pretty banner at the top. So how do you do that?? And I want my own wallpaper behind my main page. This brown calico is OK for a short time, but not really my style. I would love to scan in some of my favorite scrapbook paper to use there!! I did the painting I am using on the side. It is a self-portrait of sorts. My hair is not that carrot colored anymore. I had really red hair as a child but it has faded over the years to more strawberry brownish red, but.....in my heart, I am still a carrot top!! Someday, I will put some photo's in here of my childhood and you will see its true!! I don't know how I have had the patience to sit here and get this done. Hubby and 14 year old Son (currently known as Frodo because of his longish, shaggy hair) have been bouncing off the walls in "mock" combat. For some reason they have to do this at least four times a day. They get the dog barking and 16 year old Sister (Currently known as Arwen because of her heart being in Middle Earth) completly bent out of shape, till the whole lot of them including the dog are at full volume, slamming into walls and furniture. UGH!!! Why is it that when your son gets to age 10, your husband reverts to age 10 and now that Frodo is actually 14, they both still act 10 when they get going?? Does anyone else have this problem?? Frodo is perfectly wonderful till his Dad (Hmmmm.. Saruman seems a good moniker for him....Yeah, don't ask....I'm not ready to go there!) Gets him going and it's all down hill from there. After their 10 min. melee, Frodo is off to get ready for bed, Arwen is finishing her homework and SamDog is busy scooting a roasting dish across the tile with his tongue. All is back to normal, Fhweeooo! Frodo has come to bribe me with a back massage if I come spend some time with him before he drops off to sleep. Hmmmm, how long do I have to think about that one...??? I'm OUTA here!! Blessings- LillySue

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