Friday, February 13, 2009

This Boy has Heart!

Sorry about that last post messing up! I tried to edit the problem, but it would not cooperate!! Anyway....I just wanted to share this picture. I love it sooo much! My son and I are close....he is a treasure. He turned 14 shortly after Christmas. This picture is a little over a year old. My hair is much longer and he is much taller. He almost looks me straight in the eye now. I am 5'7" so I figure he will be at least 6' by the time he is done growing. He has a tender heart and loves freely and deeply. He used to sit and cry with me during sad movies. His dad has made him feel that is not manly, but I am doing my best to counter act that!! Most women appreciate men with tender hearts. I can so see him crying at his own wedding and the birth of his children. He is not a sap, don't get me wrong. He just feels things deeply. He hates injustice, stands up for the underdog and would hold my hand thru anything I needed him to. He adores his big sister and gave her flowers for Valentines day. (Did I tell you he is only 14??) Between his sister and I, he has had some good training for how to get along well with girls. He will be a sweet, kind, Christian husband for some lucky gal. I have been praying for his future wife since he was a baby. Does anyone else do that for their kids?? I just pray he gets someone who will appreciate him. He loves to do lots of kind gestures and gives gifts often. I hope he gets someone like my Aunt Janey. She is a sweet, kind woman of God, who has been devoted to her family. I always loved being at their house!! I don't understand why (but am thankful) the girls don't beat the door down to get to him. His friends have girlfriends but he does not. This is something that he occasionally frets about and I am secretly thankful for. I know those days are coming!! He buys big chocolate bars to take to share with the girls that are his friends. I would kinda like it to stay that way till at least 16! Yeah, I have got him about raised, now comes the hard part.......learning to let go, Sigh.................. Posted by Picasa

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Lisa ~ A Cottage to Me said...

Do we ever really have to let go?? It is hard! I am trying to lengthen those apron strings with my older 2 girls. One can't wait for me to "cut them" (middle) and the other (oldest) is still kind of hanging on too!
Love it!