Tuesday, February 3, 2009

So Thankful for the Sun.....Wishing for a clothes line!!!

It is so beautiful today! It seems like the sun warms your soul so much more when it has been cold and dreary. I put the bunnies out in their pen and they were very happy. Louie must be anticipating spring because he has already started to shed his winter coat. Every time I take him out now, I am left with a Louie coat of my own on my shirt! The Daycare Little's are napping and I have the washer/dryer going. They always sleep so much better when the dryer is running. I would love to be able to hang some of our wash out on a clothes line but would get in big trouble if I did. Our community has restrictions on clothes lines. How ridiculous is that!! They have to be totally fenced off from any view. I can still remember all the days I came home from school and after hunting for my mom, found her out in the backyard either hanging or taking down the laundry. I still have a very clear picture of her standing there with the clothes pins in her mouth and the garment half-hung on the line. She is a little thing, maybe 5 feet tall and 100 pounds on a good day, so she had to stretch. I wonder if my Dad took her height into account when he hung the line? I will have to ask him, heehe! I also remember how fresh the pillow cases were when she changed the sheets which was EVERY week. I think she actually ironed them when I was very small (I think she grew out of that habit!!) She was barely 18 when she had me, and my Dad was 20. I know she wanted to be a perfect wife and mother those first few years. My little sister, SallyJane, followed 17 months later. That meant for LOTS of laundry on the line since she did not use disposables nor a diaper service......Can you imagine??? Not too far from that clothes line was a sweet little white playhouse my Daddy built for my Sister and I. I know I must have spent just hours and hours in there because the interior is permanently etched in my memory. I can hear the sound the wood floor made when I would step off the grass into it. Sadly, my little girl never had a playhouse made by her Dad. Her and my son did have a pretty cool play structure he built them for a short time when they were little. Moving all over the country does not make for playhouse building!! Both kids still long for a tree house even though they are now well into their teen years. You can just betcha those grandbabies of mine will have a playhouse even if I have to build it myself! They will also get to see Granny hanging laundry! Blessings- LillySue

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