Sunday, October 25, 2009

A Squeek of Inspiration!

Here is Holly
with our two ratty girls.
Bella is on the left and Sofie on the right.
We only had Sofie for 2 weeks before
she passed away from the respiratory
infection she and Bella both had
when we got them from Petsmart.
They were just babies and so cute and fun.

Holly made this using Sculpy and some of
Lucky's fur.

Lucky keeping an eye on Bella

Benny not getting too close to the cage
since Bella bit his nose.
Bella never bites unless you stick your
finger (or nose) between the
bars of her cage.
She has never bitten anyone who
opens her cage and takes her out.
She loves to climb on your shoulder and
tickle your neck!
She is lonely now though....
I just am not sure about buying another
one after loosing Sofie...


becky said...

Cute!I hear that they are great as pets.My girls never had anything like that.The oldest had a hamster a few times.Your cat on the first pic looks just like my youngset one.Only mine is a bit smaller.Love the sculpture your daughter made.Oh and I love the chair lucky is on.Have a nice new week.

ooglebloops said...

The sculpy rat is amazing!! I love him!!!
We had two rats when the kids were growing up - Furball and ?. Furball entered a local pet costume contest and won!! He went as Batman - I made him a tiny cape with hood and my son had a vintage Batcar that was just his size!! Wish I could find the picture of Batrat!!!!LOL

Persuaded said...

Your Holly is just the most adorable thing! and so talented too... the sckulpy rat is most impressive indeed.
Have a wonderful day:)

Beansieleigh said...

Oh boy!.. I remember having one of these little critters! We were at the pet store toying with the idea of a gerble.. The sales associate knew she could pull my strings right away, and told me the one that was on her shoulder was going to be snake food if someone didn't take her home soon. NEVER would I have EVER thought I would be bringing home a rat that day, but I DID. Dear Daughter LOVED her, and honestly she was the sweetest little thing.. NEVER bit! She was all white with the little pink eyes! Other kids would come over to play and loved her too! I still wonder what other mothers thought about that REALLY!! (0; tina

blushing rose said...

Ahem! There's a CRITTER in your house!! Chuckle! Cute, but so glad they are in your home ...

Have a warm, wonderful week. TTFN~ Marydon

Bellamere Cottage said...

Hi Lillysue....

Oh my little grandson would be in heaven. They are kind of cute, aren't they? That is unless they run out from under the fridge and scare you to death!


fannipauline said...

It's been a very long time since my children lived at home - but they were such fun and happy days. They had 2 white mice and they were so adorable with their pretty pink eyes. We even had tiny new babies one christmas morning. We had Henry and Henrietta. Henry got sick and I took him to the Vet and he had puemonia. I gave him anti-biotics to keep him alive. Dr York said -"Pauline, you are the only person I have ever know that gives their mice anibiotics to keep them alive" But, what else do you do when they are part of your "family". You try to save their life when they are ill. My children thought I could fix anything and so did my grandchildren - now I have great grandchildren and they bring me things to fix. How very blessed am I......Blessings.....Pauline