Saturday, October 3, 2009

Hello Pink Kitties

When I was a teenager, I LOVED Hello Kitty!
Do you have a Sanrio (Hello Kitty) store near you?
We don't have one in Central Oregon.
When we went over "The Hill"
(Cascade Mt. Range)
to "The Valley"
We Popped in to the
Washington Square Mall
They have a Sanrio and a Pottery Barn/PBKids
L*O*V*E it there!!
Jesse drew this for me when he was a wee lad.
He called it "Hiker Cat".
I guess he was about 4 when he did it.
It has always been my favorite!

My second son, Lucky being
Mr. Naughty Pants
He knows he is not supposed to be in the dryer!
My Sister Cherish had a cat named Ashley.
Ashley got in the dryer and it got turned on...
My Mom found her a short time later when she
realized the dryer sounded wrong.
Ashley's eyes were bugged out and she was beat up.
She recovered and became a much more loving cat.
Still can't figure that one out, but get really
freaked out about Lucky being left in there when
it gets turned on......I almost always check it,
turn it on and then stop and check it again......
He is my precious lamb!!


Holly- Girls At Heart said...

Cute! I didn't even know there was a hello kitty store!

Lucky, please stay away from the mean ole dryer! ♥

Gracie said...

Good morning Lily Sue
Hello Kitty is not so popular in MB.I don't know why she's so cute.
When I went to Wales though,she very popular there.
Thank God Lucky was discovered,Id hate to think if your baby was not.
HPS to you and blessings

dottydotty said...

that is one big kitty happy pink saturday

Anne Marie said...

I had a Hello Kitty writing kit -
and I loved every minute of it!!

Regina said...

Hello Lillysue. Happy Pink Saturday.
What a wonderful pink post!
Enjoy the weekend.

peppermint said...

Happy Pink Saturday LillySue! I shared about you on my pink Saturday post today! Even though the dryer is a dangerous place to hang out, he looked so cute sitting on the pink garrment! I signed up to follow you. Plese stop and visit me, I'd love to have you follow me as well!
Hugs and Glitter,

Mary said...

I love your pinks and the cat who obviously has nine lives. I hope you are having a wonderful day.

♥Mimi♥ said...

Winter is just around the corner in my neck of the woods so Pink Saturday is even more meaningful for me because I won't see my garden bloom again until at least May of next year!

Thanks so much for your participation this week. It brightened my day☺ I'm lovin' Mr. Naughty Pants! You should check out the blog my kitties manage!

Wishing you a wonderful weekend filled with happiness surrounded by those you love.

Bobbi Jo said...

Happy Pink Saturday! Love the huge Hello Kitty. It is my favorite from my childhood.
Hugs, Bobbi Jo

Janean said...

Nothing cures our attitudes like a few knocks in the dryer! lol. Cute blog!

Nancy @ La Chambre Rose said...

Isn't it just the best when those of us living away from "normal" stores get to them? We don't have a even Walmart, forget Super Walmart, or Target close by us. Hello Kitty and Pottery Barn would be a super treat! Thanks for sharing. Happy Pink Saturday!

becky said...

What a nice store.I love Hello Kitty.I wish we had one here.But in our craft shops we have alot of Hello Kitty things.Your cat looks exactly like mine,lol.Have a lovely Sunday!

Lisa said...

I've always loved Hello Kitty! Glad you had a good trip to the mall. I am also glad miss Ashley is better for her trip in the dryer! eeks! My internet was out for 5 days and I'm catching up. Your Thanksgiving in Sept looked wonderful. Why not?! And I love all your personal touches for your wonderful Pink Kitchen! You did well!
Hugs, Lisa

someplace in thyme said...

My grand daughter would love the Hello Kitty, that is so cute. We have always had cats and I know that if I wasn't careful they would sneak into the dryer, that is a huge fear of mine. I hope you have a very Happy Pink Saturday, Char

pinkkandy said...

Happy Pink Saturday....
I am always late checking everyone's blog..but it is better late than never ...right? We are headed to a Jars of Clay concert tomorrow night!!!I will post pics next week...Thanks for stopping by...
God Bless You MORE!!!!!!!

Beverly said...

Happy Pink Saturday, LillySue.

Your post about the kitty in the dryer made me think about one of my neighbors many years ago. Her son was into everything - and I mean everything. At different times, she found him in her oven, her dryer, on the roof of their house, etc. And, all of those were before he was three years old. I was a wreck every time they came to our home. ;-)

Jennifer said...

I used to love Hello Kitty when I was younger too.I had all there stuff, Little Twin Star,And also My Melody.Your cat is so cute.I had a customer whis cat died in the dryer a few years ago.She was so very upset.I am so happy you caught yours in time.Happy Pink sat!Hugs,Jennifer

Mary said...

Where to start? First, I love your precious kitty...just beautiful. Ach! about the kitty that was in the dryer! So glad it's o.k.
Second, Hellooo Kitty :) Isn't her stuff fun? I just bought myself a HK phone at Target last week.
Third, I peeked at your Pink Kitchen. It's darling! What fun colors and pretties you have. Love the turquoise color on the cabinets and your mixer. How 'bout paintin' that fridge pink? ;) I dare ya~