Thursday, April 9, 2009

Sunny Ashland, Oregon

Last weekend was the end of our two week Spring Break. This year we have had so much dental work done (think big bucks!) that we could not afford to take any big trips. We live about 5 hours away from Ashland, Oregon and it is a VERY beautiful drive this time of year. Ashland is famous for its Shakespeare Festival but has much more to offer. The weather was a perfect 75* and sunny (WooooHoooo!!). It is fun to walk the main street area and go thru TONS of unique shops, candy and ice cream stores, and restaurants. We ate on a balcony overlooking the creek at "Green Leaf". It was very tasty and the service was great. We had a pleasant young man as our server and I had been talking to my son before he came and set our food down, continuing my conversation with my SON, I said "Thanks, Babe" to which our handsome young server replied..."Your welcome", ....Heehe! The above photo is of my kids in front of the bronze sculpture of many famous Shakespeare characters. When we got to it, someone had hung a beautiful (real fresh flowers) hand made circlet in an outstretched hand. I had Arwen put it on as you can see below!

The drive over the pass was beautiful once we got over the top and was headed down into the valley. There were so many blooming trees...big pink and white clouds of blossoms, sigh......The daffodils were out in full force too. On our way down I-5 South from Eugene, we saw a sign that said, "Historic Oakland"..."Antiques". Hmmmm....should I, Yah-you betcha!! It was a very tiny town (about 1 block) with the original old buildings. They were mostly turned into antique shops, Darn....NOT!! We at lunch there at "Tolley's". It was in the old adjoining saloon and soda fountain. We sat in the soda fountain side. All the woodwork was amazing. The homemade french fries were heaven! After lunch, we strolled thru the shops. Most of them were way over priced to me.........I did find one fun shop filled to the rafters with great stuff and the sweet gal let me make an offer of about 40% off of what she was asking for a piece of enamelware I loved and she accepted...SCORE!!

Frodo and Arwen ready to eat in "Tolleys" in Oakland, Oregon

Here is Arwen wearing the black leather "do-rag" she got from her Uncle John in Montana. As you can see she made a new friend at a shop in another historic little town off of I-5. Jacksonville is a beautiful spot to spend an afternoon browsing and eating. Make sure you get some gellato at Mama Mia's. They make their own, right there!
Tomorrow I will show you our most favorite shop in Ashland. It is called "Paddington Station" and I think I could just sell my house and go live there! So come back tomorrow and I will give you a peak inside at all the pretties!

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Anne Marie said...

You daughter is too cute! with that scarf on her head and the puppy!!