Thursday, April 2, 2009

Spring Break Visit to Belknap Hot Springs

One of our fairly local (little over an hour away) fun spots is Belknap Hot Springs. We have to actually go up over the Santiam pass from where we live towards what we call the "Valley". It is still in the mountains though, just up and over a ways from us. The McKenzie River runs wild here and it is VERY beautiful. They have a small lodge and campground. There are two in ground pools that they pipe the hot springs water to. For locals who just want a soak, you pay, change in the locker room and enjoy!

They get more rain here than we do at home so everything is mossy and green this time of year. Here is Arwen, her best friend Miss H. and Me.

Here is Frodo, Arwen and Miss H. by Arwen's favorite tree. It is COVERED in really spongy moss (She LOVES moss......and mushrooms!) When we come to visit here and we get close to where this tree is, she will start she is running to greet an old friend!

They have a trail you walk on and you come to different themed gardens as you go. This is at the back end of the Roman garden. At the right time of year, it is full of roses. They also have a Japanese garden with a pagoda you can walk up in.

Here are the kids as we cross over the McKenzie heading back from our hike, ready to soak in the pool. Scroll down to see the pool and further down to see more photos of our hike. My kids get two weeks off for Spring Break. I really love it that way.....I like having them home. This weekend Frodo, Arwen and I are heading down to Ashland, Oregon. It is about 5 hours away. They have lots of cute little shops and galleries. We stay in a hotel at the end of the main street and can walk down in to town from there. It is Arwen's favorite little trip. They have a bead store that is like being in a candy store for bead freaks like us. I am hoping we will actually get to see some SPRING time there!
Have a great weekend! Blessings~ LillySue


Sonia ~ Vintage Rose Designs said...

Oh, the beauty of nature, especially this time of year!! You all seem to be having a wonderful time.

Meme said...

You are trying to make me jealous, I just know it!! I miss the Pacific Northwest so much. Our summers were spent at a hotsprings in Idaho called Silver Creek Plunge. They have an olympic sized pool with a natural rock bottom - small cabins, lots of nightly bonfires....

Looks like you are enjoying the area to the fullest. Please, please keep sharing all these wonderful photos, I can live vicariously through your vacations!

Adrienne said...

Hi - I live in the upper end of "the Valley", almost exactly between Portland and Salem. I grew up in Bend and your area is so dear to my heart. After being away from there for many years I returned one year and met my sweetheart. We lived in Bend for the first three months of our married life and then moved away. If I could retire anywhere I wanted it would be Sisters! I love the view of the mountains all around, the climate and the beauty of Central Oregon. We have family in the Bend area so visit often. Part of my growing up years were spent in Springfield, Oregon along the banks of the MacKenzie. I love the beauty there, too. We haven't been to Belknap - I think it's time to go. ~Adrienne~