Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Cupcake anyone??

Lucky actually looks like he is ready for some cocoa instead, heehe!
Don't you dress your cat up sometimes too??
This was the end of some socks we cut off
and made into a ski hat and turtle neck for him.

This is how the cupcake started out....
I bought it at TJMax for $12.00
I did not like it the way it was, but....
I could see it had potential.

This is how it looks now!!
Some paint and glitter glue and it is ready
for my new PINK kitchen.
If you want one too, just head over to TJMax
and see if they have any left. Then you can make
yours what ever flavor you like!!
I had to do this post to cheer myself up....
I had purchased new stainless steel appliances.
The dishwasher and range hood arrived yesterday.
We installed the hood last night and put the old
Range in the garage this morning.
Then Hubby left for a 10 day hunting trip to Montana.
They delivered the frig and range...
First they hauled the old frig out to the garage.
Then they brought in the new one.
It did not fit in the hole.....
They brought in the new range.
It did not work, they had delivered a broken one
Both were sent back.
I had to clean out the old frig in the garage, plug
it in and move all the cold stuff out there.
I think I will keep the range hood since it is already
installed and looks good, but I think I will return the
stainless dishwasher too and stick with the old white
appliances for now.
What a let down!!
I have to get everything put back together so
I can share how pretty it is for
And, Oh-Yeah.....
My folks are coming to visit next week.
They haven't been here for a few years....
Might be nice if I had a frig...
How come I NEVER have chocolate in the house
when I NEED it???
Make sure you pop back in Saturday to see my
(except for the appliances)
Pink Kitchen


Coralie Cederna Johnson said...

Oh what awful refrigerator problems! Not fair at all! Hope all works out perfectly soon!!! Take care and have fun with your visitors!

Holly- Girls At Heart said...

Oh, those kind of snags are so frustrating! Maybe you can go back to TJ Max for some chocolate? ☺

Holly- Girls At Heart said...

Oh, and your kitty is hilarious! One of my favorite childhood memories is putting dolly clothes on kittens! ♥

Anonymous said...

How upsetting.Go and find some chocolate it will do wonders,lol.Your kitty is cute, actually looks like my youngest one.He doesnt mind the hat I dont think, lol.Have a great rest of the week!

Maisy said...

that pic of the cat is hilarious. i can't tell if he's enjoying himself :} appliances are always such a pain in the butt. i hear this story all the time. i live in an area where everyone is redoing their kitchens.
that cupcake is tooooo cute. way to go lillysue! you are awesome!!
ps...reminder to self. get chocolate!

Beansieleigh said...

Hey, Good Thursday Morning! Sorry to hear about the appliances problems you had.. But your kitty and your cupcake both look adorable! Can't wait to see your new kitchen! ~tina

ooglebloops said...

Can't tell if the kitty is pleased with the attire - or just being tolerant!!! What a cute pic!!! Love your "new" cupcake- much more appealing than the old- and that one was cute!!!

Anonymous said...

I totally love the cupcake sign. Where did you find it at TJ Maxx? With the art stuff? How much was it?