Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Thanksgiving in September?? You Betcha!!

Here is Chef Holly in the kitchen whipping up her
famous Bananas Foster Crepes

We're talking serious YUM here!
That is homemade organic whipped cream in Birdie
(my kitchen aid)

Holly wanted to treat her Papa and Nana who were
here for a week from Arkansas.
They left this morning.

Nana bought Holly this "holly" apron she found
at a cute shop called "The Hen's Tooth"
in downtown Sisters.
It is Holly's first grown-up apron all her own!

Papa did a lunch show for my
Daycare Littles.
I think Samdog enjoyed it too.
The temp. was about 77* ....Perfect!!

Since we live so far from all our family,
we decided to go ahead and do
Thanksgiving Dinner while they were here.
My cousin, Royce, drove over from Portland
with his sweet wife, Bess to join us.
My Dad, Jack (aka~Papa) did potato duty for me!

He had lots of support

Turkey~Mashed Taters & Gravy
Stuffing~Corn~Green bean Casserole
Cranberry Sauce
Homemade Pumpkin Pie ala~Holly

While the boys played Mario Bros.
Holly & Bess did the dishes.
I was told to get out of the kitchen.
It was very strange to have someone else
cleaning up my kitchen....
I liked it, heehe!!

How cute are these two dish washers??!!

Jesse getting pancake making lessons
from the Master.

My Daddy can make the BEST pancakes.
Jesse ate 13
Yes, I typed that correctly

Monday night we had our friends,
Brad, Tiffany & Spencer
over for dinner.

Brad is a musician, so he and Dad did a
little jam session for us.
I was in Heaven!
Good food, friends, family and
Homemade music.

Monday, September 28, 2009

Feeling the Love and Sending Some Out

Howdy Hey!
I just wanted to take some time to say
"Thank You SOoooooo Much!"
to all my blog friends.
It has been such a blessing to have
your kind words to read.
I wanted to let you all know how much I
really appreciate you!
My marriage is one of few kind words and it
truly is a blessings to know there actually are
people with big hearts out there.
Starting today, I am able to do more visiting.
My folks are still here from Arkansas,
but they leave tomorrow morning.
I can hardly wait to see what
ya'all have been up to!

I did get a chance to visit Carol from
She gave me an
"Attitude of Gratitude"
Thank you, Carol!!
I LOVE her blog layout.....
I also want to pass on this award to my followers.
If you follow my blog, feel free to take a copy of the
award photo and put it on your blog with what you are
grateful for!
Come back soon......
I will be posting more often now!

Friday, September 25, 2009

Benny doesn't like Pink!

This is Ben
Benny does NOT like his little top
He doesn't like that it is cute
He doesn't like that it is pink
But MOST of all......
He doesn't like that he can't get to
his stitches to rip them out!

Benny is a naughty boy.
He is a HOUSE cat who will dart
out the door if you leave it open....
Someone left it open....
Ben was found with a hole in his arm
After his little surgery, he would not leave
it alone. Nurse Darcy said put a top on him.
He has actually been very good about
leaving the top on.
It is much sweeter than wearing one
of those plastic cone collars!!
He gets his stitches out Monday.
Maybe he learned his lesson!
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Friday, September 18, 2009

Pink Kitchen Bliss!

Welcome to my new
Let's start on the far left
and work our way around.

Here is the original white frig. I put the
cupcake I repainted on top. I also put my old mixer
up here since it has been retired. My scale is there too.

Cupcake anyone??

Here is my cookbook shelf over the stove
(Click photos to make them bigger)

The original range....
I guess I will not be getting new stainless appliances
after all. Since I am keeping the white appliances,
I decided to paint the bottom cupboards
my own custom mix I call
"Robins Egg Bliss"

I am so glad for the appliance fiasco....
(see below post)
I had planned on keeping the bottom cupboards white
and getting stainless steel appliances.
It was just too much with all the cupboards and appliances
being white.
When all the new appliances were sent back I had
second thoughts.....
My frig and range are really fine. I only need a dishwasher
that works.
Since I am so in love with my new
Kitchen Aid Mixer
I got with my birthday money...
I decided to paint the lower cupboards to match it.

I picked little glass tiles for the back splash that match.

I can't show you a full kitchen picture because
I haven't got all the cupboard doors painted yet.

Here is my beloved new mixer
I have named her "Birdie" since she is
Robins egg blue.
I could not believe my eyes when I walked in the
store and spotted her.
She was the color of my dreams.
I had never seen one like it before!!

The colors look great with the new
granite counter tops.
I love how the red accents look.
Red had been my favorite color for many years.
Now I think all these colors are my

Just pretend like you don't notice the lower
door missing!

This is on the left side of the sink.
Holly didn't do the dishes yet so we will skip
over the actual sink.

Here is the other side of the sink.
I will get the rest of the painting done this weekend
and will post more shots of the whole
kitchen this next week.
I am very tired but really happy with
how it has turned out so far.
Thank you for stopping by to visit!!
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Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Cupcake anyone??

Lucky actually looks like he is ready for some cocoa instead, heehe!
Don't you dress your cat up sometimes too??
This was the end of some socks we cut off
and made into a ski hat and turtle neck for him.

This is how the cupcake started out....
I bought it at TJMax for $12.00
I did not like it the way it was, but....
I could see it had potential.

This is how it looks now!!
Some paint and glitter glue and it is ready
for my new PINK kitchen.
If you want one too, just head over to TJMax
and see if they have any left. Then you can make
yours what ever flavor you like!!
I had to do this post to cheer myself up....
I had purchased new stainless steel appliances.
The dishwasher and range hood arrived yesterday.
We installed the hood last night and put the old
Range in the garage this morning.
Then Hubby left for a 10 day hunting trip to Montana.
They delivered the frig and range...
First they hauled the old frig out to the garage.
Then they brought in the new one.
It did not fit in the hole.....
They brought in the new range.
It did not work, they had delivered a broken one
Both were sent back.
I had to clean out the old frig in the garage, plug
it in and move all the cold stuff out there.
I think I will keep the range hood since it is already
installed and looks good, but I think I will return the
stainless dishwasher too and stick with the old white
appliances for now.
What a let down!!
I have to get everything put back together so
I can share how pretty it is for
And, Oh-Yeah.....
My folks are coming to visit next week.
They haven't been here for a few years....
Might be nice if I had a frig...
How come I NEVER have chocolate in the house
when I NEED it???
Make sure you pop back in Saturday to see my
(except for the appliances)
Pink Kitchen

Friday, September 11, 2009

Are we done YET???

This is my new PINK door
It is in my kitchen and is the door to the laundry room
and my fancy new pantry
See my new green and PINK apron??
I love it so much I have yet to wear it 'cause I
don't want to get it dirty, Heehee
Does anyone else do that??

My aprons are hanging from my new iron
hooky thang I found and knew right away what
to use it for.
Here is also another teaser peek at my kitchen.
I am so excited to be getting a new pink kitchen......
I am so stinkin' tired of
on it!!
It is 11:57 pm, Friday night
I have just finished for the day, yawn...
Grouting and cleaning up takes
I have just a little touch up painting to do
and then comes the fun part.....
I know I have been teasing you with
pictures, but...
I will debut our redo
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